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"Hello dear friends, Please send us your review or write one on our Trip Advisor Page"

Came on the Sunday and had one of the most AMAZING experiences ever - water fight, dolphins, rather gorgeous crew, drink and beautiful views! Such a laugh and planning to come again as soon as possible! Charis Jardim.

A wonderful day out - great banter! Beautiful swimming with all the blue fishes and much enjoyment. See you Jimmy!

John and Sheena Bevan, Aberdeen, Scotland.

I first went on one of Theo's trips in 1986, we had a blast, so much fun. I returned to Corfu this year and went on another trip with Theo. Guess what? It's still fun. 25 years have passed but Theo's trips are still amazing Thanks Theo, see you in 2036.

Dawn Desson, UK.

Had a blast Theo. The water fight was the best and the whole trip was good. Like your “private” photo album! From your Canadian friends.

Roy and Pam Rogers, Toronto, Canada.

Wow! Fantastic, wicked day. Thanks Theo, You are a very naughty man and we love you!

Martin Graham.

We have been on your boat trips every year for the last 15 years. It is still the best day out with good fun, good food, good wine and most of all good company. Hope to see you again next year. Regards to you and your crew.

Sarah and John Wyer (Captain Birdseye), Chorley, Lancashire.

We would like to thank you for our great day out! We had a fantastic time and it was the perfect, fun end to out holiday in Corfu. The food was delicious and the trip was so much fun.

The Scottish Lassies.

I enjoyed your boat trip on two family holidays, some years ago now. You might remember my father as Captain Birdseye. I'm glad to see the tours are still going strong and I hope to get back to see you sometime.

Kate Eccles, London.

I went on this boat trip in 1996 and it was really good. I see by some of the pics he still covers you in shaving foam. The BBQ was great and the diving off the boat was really good. I Bought the t-shirt. Lovely jubbly.

Nicholas Brockhouse, Manchester.

Just got back today from our first time to Corfu and Theo's boat. Theo just made our holiday. Will recommend the trip to everyone and will return.

Michael Bailey, UK.

Myself and three friends went on two of Theo's boat trips when we were in Corfu. It had to be one of the most memorable holiday experiences ever! I don't ever remember having so much fun eating, drinking, swimming and most of all laughing. Our sincere thanks to Theo and his crew for all the hard work that they put in to making sure that everyone has a fantastic time. When you are in Corfu it is a  must. Best wishes to you all from the Sexy Mamas.

Geraldine Davies, UK.

Best Boat Trip in Corfu by far. Theo and his crew make it what it is. Plus the food is the best. I would highly recommend this trip to everyone - young people, families and couples. Theo, I will be back in Corfu next year on holiday - this time with my grandmother - I will "see you Jimmy" on the boat.

Zoe, London.

Hi Theo and everyone who worked on the boats in 2008. I miss you lots and the caique boat. Hopefully be back to see you soon. Lots of love.

Becky, Thomas Cook.

Stayed in Corfu between July and August 2009 and spent a day on Captain Theo's BBQ Boat Trip. This is a must-do in Corfu! All staff members were great fun, yet still very professional. The trip is suitable for everyone, and I didn't stop laughing all day. The price is well worth it! Amazing!

Katherine Emms, UK.

Fantastic. The best boat trip we’ve ever been on. Captain Theo and his crew are the best. They made us laugh from start to finish and could not do enough for us. Great BBQ. The lagoon was beautiful. Recommend it to all ages. We hope to see you soon.

James and Sarah. Accrington.

First of all I would like to thank Theo for a wonderful day. Twenty odd years ago you picked on my mama and back then she had a great day as we did this year. Would like to thank you again for a wicked day. You treated us like royalty and I thank you again. Thank you for the cocktails (that mama thought you had put something in them). Loved every minute of the trip, thank you.

Debbie May.

Just been on a boat trip from Rhodes. Nothing compares to Theo’s. Two of my sons are on the second row of photos down. We still laugh about it now five months later. Definitely back next year for more.

Ron, Kerry, Joe, Reece & Joshua Wilson. Jarrow, Newcastle.

We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip and water fight etc. We were a family of nine with wee Ross the youngest at 10 and the old girl the eldest at 68 - in the middle was the heavily pregnant Aunty Shirley. Your boat trip was the highlight of our holiday and was great fun from start to finish with you covering Ross in shaving foam as soon as we left port. Hope to see you again sometime so until then "See you Jimmy!".

Dave Mckenzie and family, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Thank you Theo, Haris and all the crew. I've just arrived back in England and had a fantastic day with you yesterday. It was the best part of my holiday by far and I will definitely be returning to do it again in the near future! I couldn't stop laughing, everything was just so much fun and the water fight was amazing! I'm sending some pictures for your gallery, best wishes for the future.

Kelly, Lesley and Martyn, UK.

Me and my family went on the BBQ trip just last week and we had an amazing time! We would like to thank you and the crew for giving us a fantastic day. And also I'd personally like to thank you for wishing me a happy relationship with your barman Costas and for trying to get my brother a girlfriend! Ha, ha! It was a really funny and I would reccomend it to anyone.

Nicola and family, UK.

Me and my husband had such a great time on the Captains boat - we opted for the BBQ boat trip. It was well worth the money and his boat is beautiful. We didnt stop laughing the whole time. The beach we visited was excellent - there were water-sports available and the portion sizes of food were fantastic. Our final stop was in a crystal clear lagoon, where the Captain and his crew lowered the onboard slide and let us walk the plank and dive into the open ocean - the families on board also joined in as the Captain lent them the onboard life rings. Captain Theo is the most fun we had during our holiday to Corfu and he has a real passion for what he does. But beware, he is a cheeky man and covered my husband in shaving foam when he nodded off on the way home!! Thank you Captain Theo, you really helped make our holiday special!

Tracy Pritchard, Bristol.

Just wanted to say what a fantastic day you gave us on your boat and more importantly for your generosity in giving your time and humour when you treated us to a very special evening that we will remember for always. Sorry that we couldn’t make the Wednesday, Kerry was very poorly with sun-stroke and we had no way of contacting you to let you know. Feel really gutted that we did not manage to see you before we left Kavos. We really hope to return later in the year, it would be great to spend more time with you. We would really like to keep in touch.

Curtis & Kerry, UK.

So good. There were some people on the boat who were so miserable but even they had to crack a smile by the end of the trip. Thanks for a great time and me and my "Brazilian Baby" will always remember you. Hope to see you on the shores of Brighton in the near future.

Joey Walsh. Brighton.

Theo’s boat was fantastic fun. I have been to Corfu twice and went on it both times and will definitely be going back to have another go. The water and foam fights were such fun and I loved going down the slide at the back of the boat and jumping off the top deck. I had a fantastic day, thank you Theo.

Sally. North Yorkshire.

My sixth BBQ and still the best! Compliments to the chefs - chicken and pork like no other. This year chicken nuggets for the children, inspired - and huge! Loved the whole day from dry start to soaking wet finish. Forgot about the shaving foam ambush before the water fight begins - too busy collecting water in buckets - my fault! Captain Theo, Haris and Costas I and II - THANK YOU!!

Cheryl, Chris, Amber and Catherine, Surbiton.

Just like to say my hubby and I were on your booze cruise last week. We must have been the oldest swingers in town but really enjoyed it. Got some great photos and memoirs to recall to my own sons of 23 and 24. I say if you can't beat them join them. We had such a laugh. Thanks, although I thought I may have the young lads asking me to put my clothes back on if I did the naked belly flop. Fair play to the young lady that did. Great time had by all - best bit was the rave in the cave.

Jackie Fitzgerald, Herts.

Stayed in Corfu between July and August 2009 and spent a day on Captain Theo's BBQ Boat Trip. This is a must-do in Corfu! All staff members were great fun, yet still very professional. The trip is suitable for everyone, and I didn't stop laughing all day. The price is well worth it! Amazing!

Katherine Emms, UK.

Just wanted to say what a fantastic day you gave us on your boat and more importantly for your generosity in giving your time and humour when you treated us to a very special evening that we will remember for always. Sorry that we couldn’t make the Wednesday, Kerry was very poorly with sun-stroke and we had no way of contacting you to let you know. Feel really gutted that we did not manage to see you before we left Kavos. We really hope to return later in the year, it would be great to spend more time with you. We would really like to keep in touch.

Curtis & Kerry, UK.

Spent most of my summer working on Theo's Boat for Olympic Holidays. It was my favourite day of the week. The best food and the best boat crew of any boat trip you will find. Lots of fun and games. Ladies, watch out for Theo,he likes big melons - if you get what I mean!! Thanks for making my summer. See you in 2009.

Kelly, Liverpool.

We booked three trips during our stay in Corfu and Theo's BBQ trip was the best by far. Good food, good wine, and lots of shaving foam and water - great fun for all ages. If you only do one trip during your holiday then make sure you join Theo and his crew for an unforgettable experience.

The Wolfe Family. Leicestershire.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Fan-bloody-tastic! What a wonderful day out. In fact the best day ever. Captain and crew all awesome. Gregory (Akis) the most gorgeous man living and Harris is a very close second. Went on the boat on Sunday July 1st - Gregory and Harris will remember! Ooh er!

Wendy, Nichola and Chelly. UK.

I came to Corfu in May 2005 (I was 13 at the time - now 15, although it's great for all ages) and we went on Theo's boat for a day trip which we booked through Thomson. It was the best day of my LIFE! I have never laughed so much. Everyone's really friendly and is ready and up for a laugh. I'm begging my mum and dad to take us back soon, it was an amazing holiday, and Theo's boat made it! And don't worry, I WILL get you back for putting that crab on my chest when I was quite happily sunbathing away! But be warned, when you're drunk on cheap bear on a boat with Theo, you'll forget to put suncream on and I ended up getting the worst sunburn of my life. But it was soooo worth it! Thanks again Theo, you're a legend.

Hannah Whyte. Essex.

Hope you have dried out now Theo as we chucked you overboard when we were on your boat in May (23rd ish at the Blue Lagoon). Easily the highlight of the holiday. What a fantastic day we had - all 9 of us! Thanks for the shaving foam in my hat you sod! Can't wait to come back with the missus and throw you overboard again ha ha ha. If anyone is unsure whether to book or go on this trip, DO IT! You wont be dissapointed. Five-star boat and safety first. Lots of fun and singing thrown in too, cant wait to go again. All the best Theo and son and Kostas, you cheeky bugger! See you all soon.

Big Stu and the Drunkards of Manchester.

Hey hey. Had a great time this summer. Hope you are keeping well and having lots of fun Theo while we are back to the freezing UK. Anyone that is visiting Corfu, if you have not been on a boat trip yet I would definitely recommend it as a “MUST” to do while in Corfu. It is great fun and the perfect day out for all ages. Everyone will enjoy it. Thanks for a great time Theo. xxx

Shelley. Lincolnshire, England.

I think Captain Theo is officially insane. One minute we were relaxing on the deck, then all of a sudden we were having a water fight! He did warn us to expect it though. Wicked fun, great food, amazing diving in the Blue Lagoon, and overall, one of the highlights of any holiday I've been on. We went in July 2006 and if we go to Corfu again, Theo can expect our company again. Thanks for a great day Captain.

Phil & Diane Clark. Llanelli, South Wales.

I spoke to my wife on the phone tonight and she was on your boat with you yesterday. All she could tell me about was the fun day that she, her sister and mother had on your boat. She is due back tomorrow and she will then write herself. One day she will come back and I will be with her and we will definitely be coming aboard. Thank you for showing my wife such a good time. She needed a tonic and you gave it. Thank you Theo.

Ray Cooke. Stockton on Tees. England.

Yasoo Theo! My name is Nicola I worked for Airtours in 2000 and I came to help the customers every Thursday on your boat each week. I saw people have the best experience of their holiday. Really everybody, Theos boat trip really is the best day out. Theo and his brothers are completely mad but lots of fun. Even the dolphins love Theos boats and often come to swim with the boat so have your camera ready. Watch out for shaving foam! Well done Theo, keep up the great work.

Nicola, Manchester.

I would like to thank Thompsons for refusing to return the money paid for the boat trip prior to going - way back in September. Having heard off another holiday maker that it was quite an experience and a little too feisty, I tried to pull myself, my partner and our 60 years old friends out of the trip just in case it got a bit too much.*Thankfully due to us all being tight of pocket we decided to go along anyway when we were refused a refund.*What a fantastic my surprise, my 60 year old friends went straight to the front and lo and behold came back wetter than every one else.*Thanks for a day to remember, and what did you put on that chicken that gave it such a wonderful taste?

Hayley, Leicestershire.

Hi Captain Theo do you remember a lady that u called Jucy Lucy and a man that u called Dennis Rusoss and a girl that u smeard her face in black face paint cause the man,woman and girl was my sister and my mum and dad cause i remember it by most of the people in our boat having a water fight againts the Germans and you said do u remember last christmas and sprayed all shaving foam over us and i was 13 and u said by the end of the day i will find u a nice young boyfriend and*u found a boy and he was wearing blue flowery swim shorts well G2G.*From The Person Who Most Enjoy ur Trip The BBQ was excellent.

Sarah Sivertsen.

We have been on Theo's boat trip for the last 3 years and I can honestly say it is the day we most look forward to all holiday. Myself, my wife and our teenage daughter never stop laughing from the minute we arrive at the port until we return. The food is excellent the wine is plentiful and the entertainment is second to none. Make sure you take loads of euros because Captain Theo does not miss an opportunity to raise money for his "New Boat" and you have to buy your souvenir T-Shirt!! They are the loveliest group of people we have ever met. Fingers crossed - we will be coming to see you again in August. xxx.

Mark, Corin and Zoe Henderson. Skelmersdale, Lancashire.UK.

I am 11 years old. I went to Corfu for my holiday this year and I would like to say thanks a lot to you because we went on your boat and we had an excellent day and it was the best day of our holiday! I will get you back for covering me with the foam! The next time I come back anyway! It will be soon! I must say the barbeque was great and so was the banana boat - I went on that 2 times! It was great! I will also get you back for soaking me with sea water. I tried to get you back but I lost the bucket in the sea! It fell out of my hands! You got my sister by smudging black paint in her face! Thanks for that! We had a great time dancing with you as well! See you soon anyway!


This was the best trip that my boyfriend Matt and I went on during our stay in Corfu. The food was excellent, and the Blue Lagoon was out of this world - one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The foam and water fight was great fun - thanks to Theo for exposing my bum twice during it!! All the crew were very friendly and funny, and really made our day that much better. If we ever come back to Corfu, we would definitely go on this trip again, without a doubt! Well done Theo, keep up the good work, and hope you carry on for another 25 years!

Candice. West Sussex, England.

We were out with you on the Sivotas trip on 21/09/04. What a fantastic day, nothing was too much trouble. We were treated royally from being greeted at the harbour to leaving again. Theo's call of GERREMORF! Before the first swim stop will never be forgotten, and the food was better than anything we had in our hotel. Swimming with a man and goose at the last port of call was quite unique!

Sue and Keith Herring, Wootton, Lincolnshire.

What a 'Fantastic' experience!!! There were 6 of us in our party & all agreed it was the best day of our holiday!!!* We were there in June 2004 & if we ever visit Corfu again 'Theos Boat Trip' will be top of our list of things to do!! The weather wasn't good on our day out but the food, the fun....and Theos energy - WOW!! Keep up the good work!!

The Plevey/Davies Families. (The ones with the 'juicy melons'!!). Cardiff.

Me and my family came on your boat trip in July and had a great time.* My brother loved the water fight with the other boat - the Germans. My nan (70 yrs) enjoyed herself too and loved the nickname you gave her, Sexy Mama. Everyone on the boat knew who she was and for the rest of our holiday we kept meeting people who had been on the trip and knew my nan! She was a star. Thanks for a great time from Sexy Mama and her crew.

Suzanne Ward.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. My wife and daughters said it was the best part of our holiday as do I. Theo and the crew were great. If you are lucky enough to go do it but be prepared to have fun and lots of it. Food, location, company and boat, as well as the crew, were top class. Cannot say any more about it. Just do it! Thanks Theo for a day we will never forget. From Tomato Face. (Too much sun. OK now though.)

Derek McIntosh. Cwmbran.

Had a great time on your boat. It was "foaming" good! The B-B-Q was fantastic, the wine was great....hiccup! This is definitely one of the best boat trips we've ever been on. Have told my friends to book, they are in Sidari now. I'm sure they'll have a great time just like we did. Take Care, keep up the foaming fantastic fun!

Jackie, Al & Lucy.

Had another great trip with you for second year running. Have you still got little Emily's Whistle? She loves the t-shirt you swapped it for. See you next year. Wish we were there now. We will be bringing some more friends next year. Thanks all for an awesome trip.

Rob, Sally, Emily, Jake, Molly Mcewan.

If you are up for anything or just fancy a day out this is worth it! The boat is lovely, the crew are fantastic and fun! The beach you stop at is pebbly and be prepared to pay for the sun loungers and take plenty of sun protection but the BBQ is worth it. Then it is back on the boat for a wet time (if you want it - if not stay at the back!) and then to a secluded cove for a dive off the boat into crystal blue waters. If you do nothing else but this on your holiday it is worth it!

Aly Jenkins.

Hi Theo, it's Dave and Rosie here. Thanks again for a wonderful cruise. We all really enjoyed ourselves. I recommended your boat to a lot of people on our site before we came home, so I hope you make a lot of new friends on your cruise. We will be back in Corfu soon and look forward to seeing you, Spiros and the rest. Thanks again for a wonderful day and Rosie says hi and if she's pregnant again (ha, ha) she will name it Theo ha, ha. We had a good trip home thanks and the kids all said hi. Got to go now hope you enjoy the picture for your gallery see you next year.

David and Rose. S.Wales UK.

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